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Yatish is a desktop time tracking application for freelancers and homeworkers; it is an advantageous alternative to classic spreadsheet-made time sheets. Yatish allows in particular to justify the time spent for a client, or for an employee to control her/his (tele)work time. The application can also prove useful in the context of long-term hobbies: model makers or wooden ship builders, for instance, often quote the number of hours spent on a particular project.

The name of the application is an acronym: Yet Another Time Sheet. Indeed this program does not claim to provide revolutionary features but rather a minimal set which I found helpful, including:

  • SQLite based: internet access not needed but...
  • ...can sync to a MySQL/MariaDB server (optional);
  • PDF export of selected listings (to be appended to invoices);
  • GUI in English or French;
  • online user guide (where "online" means that the documentation is part of the application);
  • Doxygen source code documentation;
  • free software: GPLv3;
  • privacy: yatish will not publish anything unless you do mean it, and then only to a privately owned database.

Source code

Firstly, the development of Yatish is recorded on the Subversion server of EIF-services; since the project is hosted in the public part of the server, one can get it as described here.

This server however, is not always turned on, thus the last stable version of the code is also published on GitHub.

Finally, you might prefer to download yatish-0.3.tgz.

Installers (64-bit)