EIF-services can develop your IT applications thanks to a set of skills centered on C/C++ programming:

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI): wxWidgets;
  • data bases (via SQL): implementation example.

EIF-services may also perform some corrective maintenance on web programming (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP) but you should rather contact another workshop if your project requires developing a web application from scratch.

EIF-services operates in the free software ecosystem, where economics transactions deal with information technology services (including development) but not with (private) property of software. However, if your project needs some degree of confidentiality, keep in mind that a free license does not engage you to publish the software. Furthermore, there is no issue as far as corrective maintenance is concerned: in this case EIF-services will of course adapt to whatever preexisting license.

Each project developed by EIF-services is managed by a version control system, actually a private instance of Subversion. Another option consists in publishing the project on a public forge: GitHub for instance, where one can checkout our releases of YATiSh.

Let us finally mention that the software quality policy of EIF-services also includes systematic use of a software documentation tool, namely Doxygen.