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To support its IT development activities, EIF-services operates a Subversion server to which customers may get a private access, allowing them to measure in real time the progress accomplished, and also check that it does fit the specifications.

A repository will then be created for each customer of EIF-services; public (anonymous) access to such repositories is disabled and the login credentials provided at the onset of a contract of services will allow the customer to witness the project development, and even commit code changes if need be.

N.B. Authentication and encryption are provided by SASL.

For instance the YATiSh project can be downloaded by typing:

bash> svn checkout svn:// --username anonymous yatish

with the password "empty".

However unlike the article you are reading, the Subversion server is currently hosted at EIF-services' and is not always on, owing to energy saving concerns.

N.B. EIF-services recommends TortoiseSVN to Windows users.